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Gutter guards are rolls of special material such as a mesh that are fitted into your existing gutters in order to stop leaves and other debris from entering the gutter. These could potentially block the gutter, downpipes and even stormwater drain. This would mean that your gutters only have to be cleaned every three to five years, instead of twice a year. These guards help from premature rusting due to moisture and debris sitting in them and stop all blockages even in times of heavy rain. 


Leaf guards are surprisingly effective at keeping your gutters and downspouts free and clear of debris. Only with proper installation, you will be able to utilise your gutter guards to their full potential. Leaf guards not only stop but use a reverse curved system that allows to divert debris and keep them away from your gutter. They come with a long-lasting functionality and allow for maximum water slow. At DGA Roofing we consider all your budgeting needs and help you get the best gutter guard mesh product for your needs.


Our installers are fully trained and provide a high-quality service. Over 30 years, DGA Roofing Leaf Guards have helped multiple clients in achieving the dream look of their house. Our process begins with cleaning the existing guttering framework and then installing the new gutter guard. The leaf guard helps in channelling downpour and water overflow that doesn’t permit any residue and shields roofline from leaves and grime. We help you in saving your precious time, money and help you get gutter protection that’s built to last. 

Our services range from gutter replacement, fascia cover and leaf guard. We are experts in commercial & residential roofing, roofing insurance repairs, concrete tile & terracotta roofing, colourbond and metal roofing as well. If you are looking for a gutter guard installation or any roofing service in Melbourne then contact us now at 1800 369 639 or email us at sales@dga.com.au.

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