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Gutter Replacement Projects

In addition to the roofing services we provide, we also have great expertise in guttering. Your gutters are the next most essential feature on the exterior of your home or property, as they catch and dispel the rainwater that collects on your roof. With over 30 years’ experience as a family-owned roofing business, you can trust DGA Roofing as we’re the best when it comes to gutter replacements in Melbourne. 


Over the years, your gutters can begin to rust and deteriorate. This is often due to the excess water that has remained in your gutter over time, which causes it to rust inside and out, loosening or detaching completely from their fixings. Additionally, any signs of leaking water are a sign of a damaged gutter that needs to be replaced. 


Our qualified team at DGA Roofing takes pride in ensuring you receive the quality workmanship and materials when replacing your gutter. Our services and the gutters we install are to not only to replace any damaged ones, but to ensure that water is removed, along with any excess moisture that could have caused any rusting in the first place.


Our guttering services include different options such as Fascia Cover gutters and Leaf Guards to ensure leaves or other debris doesn’t clog and block your gutters, serving as an additional form of protection. This will help alleviate some of the burden when it comes to cleaning your gutters. We’ll also make sure your guttering suits the style of your house. 


Our experience and knowledge with guttering allows us to provide you with timely and cost-efficient solutions that are perfectly tailored to your roofing and gutter needs. We service all households, from the inner-city areas of Melbourne, to gutter replacements in the Eastern suburbs of Melbourne, as well as Northern and Southern suburbs. 

We provide high quality services to all of our clients, producing 100% customer satisfaction in every job we perform. If you’re looking for further information about gutters and gutter replacements, contact us today to speak to our friendly team. We can help by identifying and assessing the problems you’re experiencing with your gutter and provide quotes to help steer you through our gutter restoration process. Feel free to contact us online or call on 1800 369 639 to get started today.

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