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When it comes to your roof, we make sure that we’re not just looking after the tiles or materials that go over your head, but we also take care of your gutters and ensure other little things are protected as well. At DGA Roofing, we provide fascia covers that sit between the edge of your roof and gutter, creating a smooth and clean appearance from the outside. It’s the little details like our quality fascia covers that can help take your home’s appearance, that one step further. 


As houses age overtime, much like us, sometimes they require a bit of maintenance too. Rather than a whole new external makeover, a little touching up here and there might just be all your house needs to give it that fresh and rejuvenated look again. Revitalising your home has never been easier with our DGA Roofing Fascia Covers. They not only add to your home’s outside appearance, but are also great for preventing any deteriorating materials, such as old weathered timber. 


Fascia covers are easy to install and can cover old existing fascia boards. Our DGA family only installs fascia covers made from high quality, durable materials. Our long-term fascia covers are long-term solutions, which means they are practically maintenance-free, taking away any jobs

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