Terracotta Roof Repair Project - Port Melbourne

This is a residential terracotta roof repair project in Montmorency. The private client asked the expert team at Downeys Group Australia to re-bed and re-point the terracotta ridge and hip cappings of their double storey house. Gutter guards were also installed for the client.

The Process

This process involved the removal of the old cement or mortar that fixes the ridge capping. Next, DGA replaced the roof’s bedding with new and high quality bedding mortar. Once set, the team finally applied the new pointing material to the sides of the ridge to seal the roof. DGA repeated the same process for the roof’s hip cappings.

Roof Bedding and Roof Pointing

Roof bedding is a blend of cement, sand, and other materials that ensures your roof tiles are kept in place through rough weather. The second layer that goes on top of the bedding is called roof pointing. Roof pointing further secures the hold of your roof tiles and protects your roof from moisture, water, and dust. While both roof bedding and roof pointing materials are made to be durable, over the years, they can still encounter natural wear and tear. Even the best roofing systems aren’t indestructible to exposure of the elements and time. This may manifest in cracks, holes or wobbly tiles. When ignored, this can only lead to further damage. Therefore, DGA highly recommends monitoring the status of your roof from time to time and booking for a repair when necessary.

Gutter Guard

GDA also installed a gutter guard for the client. Gutter guards are essential in allowing rain water to enter your gutters, while preventing unwanted debris out. This includes leaves, pets, fallen branches, and rocks. Without this protection, the debris mentioned can clog your gutter and downpipes. This can cause water leakage which can lead to more damage in your property.

About Us

DGA Roofing Melbourne has been delivering the highest standards in roofing solutions and workmanship for over 30 years now. As a highly experienced roofing services provider, you can rest assured that all work undertaken by DGA on behalf of its clients will deliver: highest quality and industry standards, full public liability insurance, quality materials and workmanship, insurance claim consultancy, master builders membership, and highly competitive prices.

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