Terracotta Re-Roofing Project - Malvern East

This is a residential terracotta re-roofing project in Malvern east. The private client asked the team at Downeys Group Australia to replace the existing tiled roof of their single storey dwelling to French terracotta roof tiles.


The Process

Firstly, DGA removed the existing concrete roof of the client’s house. Next, the team installed heavy duty sarking. Sarking does not only provide extra support for your roof. It also provides insulation for your house and acts as a secondary protective layer from things like moisture, dust, and water. The experts at DGA then installed new hardwood battens which provide roof installers with a fixing point for tiles. Once finished, new French terracotta tiles were installed from the bottom up. Next, the team at DGA applied the new ridge cappings using new and high quality bedding material. Once set, new pointing material was then applied to the sides of the ridge. These two steps ensure that the new roof tiles are sealed and will stay in place. Lastly, the team installed roof valleys and finished them with valley seal to ensure durability and prevent cracking.

French Terracotta

French terracotta roof tiles are the perfect match for the client’s home. The classical design of these tiles complements the Federation style house, giving it and enduring look of sophistication. The new roof tiles also provided the client’s home with a brighter look, making its warmer and more welcoming. We highly recommend these tiles if your are looking for a simple, yet elegant, design to complete your home.

About Us

DGA Roofing Melbourne has been delivering the highest standards in roofing solutions and workmanship for over 30 years now. As a highly experienced roofing services provider, you can rest assured that all work undertaken by DGA on behalf of its clients will deliver: highest quality and industry standards, full public liability insurance, quality materials and workmanship, insurance claim consultancy, master builders membership, and highly competitive prices. 


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